The ISTD launched a new contemporary syllabus is 2019. The syllabus aims to introduce the fundimentals and vocabulary of contemporary techniqu and performance through specially created solos by professional choreographers. 

The syllabus has been produced at 3 levels; Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 1.

Classes start from age 10, you will ideally need to study ballet and/or Modern to participate in this class.

Working alongside ballet or/and modern theatre it allows the dancer to focus on how the body moves, greater strength and flexability. Also works well for the dancer who just wishes to study contemporary as a solo subject.

Antonio Borriello

Phoenix Youth Academy, Youith Academy Coordinator

"The syllabus is well rounded – exploring technical, performance and improvisation elements. I feel more aware of the way my body can move and that can be applied to other dance forms. It works hand in hand with ballet – it involves different alignments, placement of pelvis – but allows you to explore the range of movement in the body and the music fits perfectly with what you are doing".